Joint Finance Committee to Vote on Future of Long-term Care Wednesday! (1 Attachment)

​​Make It Work Milwaukee/ Mental Health Task Force Update

Please see the ALERT below from the WI LTC Coalition regarding the upcoming Joint Finance Committee (JFC) vote on the future of Wis. Long term-care system scheduled for this Wednesday. Attached is a memo from the WI LTC Coalition sent to JFC members and copied to all members of the state legislature regarding their recommended alternatives in Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB) Paper #356, #357, and #358. See links to the full LFB papers below. This is a critical time to take action and contact your state legislators ASAP - prior to Wednesday’s vote.

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Joint Finance Committee to Vote on Future of Long-term Care Wednesday!

On Wednesday, May 27 the Joint Finance Committee will take a critical vote on the proposed changes to Family Care, IRIS and ADRCs! There is no guarantee the Joint Finance Committee will pull all of the changes to long-term care out of the budget when they vote Wednesday!

A recently released analysis by the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB) says: “If the proposed changes would be adopted, the current long-term care system, including the regional MCOs, would be eliminated.” And there is no back-up plan if the new program fails.

We cannot let this happen! Time is running out to save Wisconsin’s long-term care system, and legislators need to hear from you now more than ever!

We need to make sure that legislators pull all of the proposed changes to Family Care, IRIS and Aging and Disability Resource Centers from the budget bill. No new plans should be developed until stakeholders have had a chance to weigh in.

Contact your legislator before Wednesday’s vote and tell them to support:

The arguments in favor of making these changes are not supported by the state’s own fiscal agency. There is no proof that the proposed changes will save money or make our programs better. There is no justification for disrupting the lives of 55,000 people.

This is your last chance to contact members of the Joint Finance Committee before they take this crucial vote on long-term care. Contact your legislator and members of the Joint Finance Committee as soon as you can!

Legislative Hotline: 1–800–362–9472 (available Monday-Friday)
E-mail: The e-mail addresses of members of the Wisconsin Legislature all have the same format. For members of the Assembly, the form is [email protected]; for members of the Senate, the form is [email protected]

Find out who your legislator is at by typing your address into the “Find My Legislators” search box. This will also provide you with your legislator’s contact information.

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