Last Minute Effort By Governor Walker Posse to Undermine Open Records - Democracy

By Robert Miranda, Editor, Wisconsin Spanish Journal

July 7, 2015

What does Governor Scott Walker and his posse have to worry about? What are they trying to hide?

This past week the State Republicans tried to sneak in a rider amendment to gut Wisconsin’s open records law as lawmakers prepared to pass the biannual state budget. The rider amendment basically would have prevented the public from accessing documents the public is entitled to review to ensure our government is operating cleanly.

The last minute effort was thwarted however when grass roots groups from liberal and conservative sides of the political arena raised objection in unison. Not only did the public come out in force to stop this sneaky anti-democratic action, Republican law makers and Wisconsins Republican attorney general cried foul.

Who introduced this rider? Turns out that was a secret as well. Apparently, no one wants to claim authorship of this attempt to block the public from obtaining documents from the government.

Since the public outcry coming from the political left and the right scared boss Walker and the rest of Wisconsin’s Tammany Hall bunch, boss Walker was forced to come out publicly and declare that the rider was pulled from the budget legislation and no longer will the open records law be tampered with.

But this should not be the end of this matter. Not by s long shot.

It seems to me that time has come to turn up the heat on the WEDC scandal and put some focus on the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) as well.

First, the WEDC wound needs to be poked so that the pain from the puss underneath the surface of that agency’s obfuscation can be felt by boss Walker and his cohort. I’ve said before, going after former WEDC director Paul Jadin and making him appear at a hearing to address questions under oath should be pressed for aggressively. He is key to informing the public if boss Walker or Straw boss Mike Huebsch, former Secretary of Administration, gave the order to release $500,000 to the Building Committee, Inc., or to any other undeserving corporations.

A review of the checks and balances procedures/protocols focusing on who signs off on WEDC checks and releases them for approval should be reviewed or audited. Were sound financial protocols in place that could have prevented the release of tens of millions of tax dollars in loans etc., to suspect corporation(s)?

Second, WEDC and DWD should have been aligned to support each other to produce the kind of jobs creating pipe dream boss Walker promised. Were these two jobs agencies even coordinating together?

Where did all the money go that DWD received to train workers and then land them jobs?

Wisconsin’s poor jobs creating performance clearly demands that a comprehensive audit of DWD be conducted to account. The poor jobs showing for all that money spent at DWD and the questionable WEDC loans to companies that were supposed to create jobs is at best poorly managed or at worst orchestrated for the enrichment of greedy CEO’s

The attempt to undermine Wisconsin’s open records law is clearly an act of desperation.

The question is whether this action was done to limit the political damage Walker will face during his run for president of the United States.

Clearly Walker’s political allies are not happy with this attempt to wipe out the open records law. Even Republican Representative Joel Kleefisch, husband to Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, took offense to this latest effort to attack democracy.

Governor Walker knows the magnitude of his administration’s corruption and committed an act of desperation to curtail the damage by attempting to change open records.

WEDC, DWD, DOC and other state agencies that contract out have a story to tell that Walker does not want told.

Who are the corporations getting those contracts? Is there a pattern where these corporations benefitted from their contributions to his campaign? Are there other Building Committee, Inc., examples? Walker knows he has to stop the facts from getting out during his presidential campaign.

WEDC is Walker’s Achilles heel. It is the stepping stone to getting these facts. It is the starting point from which Wisconsin can save itself and at the same time maybe prevent the world from inheriting our ghost.

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