[NCI] Letter to Joint Committee on Finance from the WCMH

Mental Health Task Force Update

We wanted to share with you the Wisconsin Council on Mental Health Recommendations on the 2015 2016 Biennial Budget please see attached. These may be a helpful resource for you as you communicate with legislators about budget provisions that impact people with mental health needs.

Opportunities to share your perspective with legislators

The state budget process is still underway and you still have an opportunity to share your perspective with legislators. Here are a few options-

AARP is letting aging and disability advocates use their FREE phone service to call legislators about concerns in the state budget. (This message encourages people to talk to their legislator about Family Care, but people can discuss any issue.)

  • To reach your Senator: 1–844–254–6876
  • To reach your Representative: 1–844–253–9862

What Else People Can Do Now:

  • Attend a Listening Session (check here for a list of listening sessions): http://bit.ly/1BzgZcS

  • Ask for an-District meeting with your legislator

  • Call your legislators office again to see if there are any answers to your questions about budget concerns. Some possible questions include what will be the impact of the BadgerCare provisions on people with mental health needs? Can provisions related to emergency detention and crisis assessment be addressed outside of the budget to allow time for stakeholder input and development of community capacity?

  • If you have not submitted testimony, you may share your budget concerns with members of the Joint Finance Committee (budget committee) by sending an email to this address: [email protected]

  • Send a letter to the editor about these issues.

Barbara Beckert, Milwaukee Office Director: DISABILITY RIGHTS WISCONSIN
6737 W. Washington St., Suite 3230 Milwaukee, WI 53214
414–773–4646 Ext 15 Voice
414–773–4647 Fax
[email protected]

Wisconsin Council on Mental Health Recommendations on the 2015 2016 Biennial Budget

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