Lost opportunity for Black community

By Robert Miranda

Wisconsin Spanish Journal

The article published in Urban Milwaukee entitled, “Streetcar Responses Shows Wide Support,” illustrates clearly the lost opportunity being ignored by Black elected officials to show the power they have as representatives of their community.

The number of responses that black alderpersons received in a survey published in this article about the streetcar, clearly shows that if these black elected officials were truly dedicated to standing against the current conditions of hypersegregation, poverty and incarceration of Black people that exist in Milwaukee, now would be the time to make that statement.

Now would be the time to tell the mayor and all the developers supporting this streetcar that business as usual in Milwaukee cannot continue.

The time to strike would be now. Voting against this streetcar is the strongest possible message to send to the status qou covert segregationists that economic apartheid against black people ends.

Now is the time to strike by voting against them for the years of incarcerating black people for minor drug charges and unchecked police brutality.

What other opportunity presents itself in the future than now? Voting to end their profit from the construction of the streetcar unless they present a twenty year plan of prosperity for the black community is fair trade for the black vote.

Unless black elected officials are in it only for themselves, then doing the mayor’s bidding for a favor in return later makes sense. Shame.

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