June 19, 2015


by Mary Glass

JUNETEENTH is the date of launch of Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC Milwaukee Bucks Page. It was created June 13, 2015.

  1. 1 - The website is to give notice to the importance of a NEW mega opportunity that is being championed by Scott Walker (Governor), Chris Abele (Milwaukee County Executive) and Tom Barrett (Mayor of the City of Milwaukee) with UNINCLUSIVENESS and PROTECTION of the CORE CONSTITUENTS (especially African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged).

  2. 2 - MPA LLC Milwaukee Bucks Page is to provide a voice for the CORE CONSTITUENTS while advocating steps of inclusion, equity, and due process.

  3. 3 - It is to note the importance of members of the State of Wisconsin, citizenry, elected-appointed-hired and donor-for-hire representatives to REMEMBER this is acatalytic opportunity for changing the status quo in Enduring Concentrated Poverty; that is the correct partnership plan that includes a NEW Bucks arena plus a prime real estate purchase Park East for $1 valued at over $8 million.

  4. 4 - This MEGA plan of arena and entertainment space must be a VALUE-ADDED investment/DEAL for support to come from the lead CORE CONSTITUENTS in the city of Milwaukee. They are the ones EACH DAY wearing the burden of Concentrated and Enduring Poverty but asked to weather this DISCRIMINATORY plan.

So far, the Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, Milwaukee County Executive - Chris Abele and city of Milwaukee Mayor - Tom Barrett, have presented a”MONOPOLY-OLIGOPOLY plan that is “weighted” on behalf of the Bucks owners and developers. They have each served those they value with high points.

Unfortunately, they forgot to remember the CORE CONSTITUENTS - mainly African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged based in the city of Milwaukee - where the buck/dollar starts and stops. The ones that get holding-the-bag and being VICTIMIZED because of WRONG-DEALS like this by elected-appointed-hired and donor for hire representatives that misuse their power.

Take your time with the back stories and updates so YOU are up-to-date and MORE informed.

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Today’s Launching article is:

MPA LLC CALLS FOR EMANCIPATION of the Bucks deal that fails to “partner” with the CORE CONSTITUENT of Milwaukee


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