Mark Belling Serves The Interest of Those who Want Us Divided

By Robert Miranda, Editor,Wisconsin Spanish Journal

Milwaukee’s voice of buffoonery in the local ultra-conservative radio, Mark Belling once again managed to say something exceptionally moronic.

At issue is a website post authored by Julia Fello, the WTMJ-TV reporter who became his target because she posted on the station’s web page that the right-to-work “… bill would make Wisconsin the 25th state to ban employees from joining a union or pay union dues.”

The post was wrong. The right-to-work law bars private businesses and unions from reaching labor deals that require workers to pay union fees.

Belling instead of just addressing the issue proceeds to attack Fello by calling her a bimbo and an airhead.

Clearly out of line.

But the name-calling by Belling served a purpose. His action served to take the public’s attention away from the substance of the issue and place the matter in the Belling arena of nonsense.

And this is what Belling and the fringe commercial commentators are good at doing. Taking important issues like right-to-work and spinning them into comical debates designed to weaken the substance and importance of the debate.

Calling a female reporter a “bimbo” to decry a mistake does nothing to advance knowledge and understanding of right-to-work in the public arena. It only divides us from engaging the real threats to our common ground pursuits of civil liberties and freedom.

Finding Common Ground For An Unstoppable Force

Belling will never pull back from these kinds of attacks because he’s not about forming unstoppable majorities to make overdue changes. Belling is an entertainer who makes his money by fueling ignorance and creating division.

Alliances that make law makers shake with fear can do much to make changes happen. Recent examples of such alliances took place when voters from the left and right pushed Congress, Democrats and Republicans, to defy their own leaders to say “no” to the National Security Agency (NSA) program that opens the door to snooping on Americans.

This kind of alliances also forced members of Congress to avoid becoming embroiled in another Middle-East war, this time in Syria. Congress backed down when Americans left and right said no to another war front. A message that Americans of all political identities are tiring of costly imperial wars.

Alliances are what’s needed to change the Patriot Act’s infringement upon the freedoms and liberties of Americans. The Patriot Act invasion of privacy affects all Americans - and not just certain minorities, such as Muslim-Americans.

Left-right coalitions are forming across the nation to oppose corporate welfare or crony capitalism and bailouts to Wall Street.

Left - right alliances are passing juvenile justice reform of outrageously long jail sentences for minor possession of street drugs and start seriously confronting the costly, counter-productive practices of the prison-industrial complex.

Granted there is a prolonged anti-public interest gridlock and paralysis in Washington, but left-right convergences could foreshadow political realignments pressing on incumbent politicians to advance long-overdue redirections opposed by corporate lobbyists.

Abraham Lincoln said: “Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it, nothing can succeed.”

Mark Belling is not of this calling. His antics are tied to ideological money-making shock radio themes that serve no purpose other than to entertain.

Though they will continue to disagree on many issues, the left and right do agree on the need for many important changes. When they focus on acting together, and stay focused on the issues, they are unstoppable.

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