Milwaukee County Executive Abele’s New Chronic Homelessness Initiative Comes at Odd Time During Bucks Deal

By Robert Miranda, Editor, Spanish Journal

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele is proposing aggressive feudalistic-type tax collection tactics against indigent tax payers living in Milwaukee County in order to collect revenue needed to build billionaire owners a stadium so that millionaire basketball players of the Milwaukee Bucks have a palace to play in.

The County Executive, who ironically announced recently that he would be spending $1.8 million annually to end chronic homelessness, makes it clear now why he is spending that money on the homeless initiative: He’ll obviously have to address growing homelessness in Milwaukee County once he starts shaking down indigent seniors and poor people for money he needs for the Milwaukee Bucks stadium.

A key part of the proposed plan to create a new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks calls for Milwaukee County tax collectors to go after “uncollected debt owed Milwaukee County to generate $80 million the proposal seeks to help pay towards the new stadium.

According to Milwaukee County Budget Director Steven Kreklow, the county is owed $120 million, as reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Don Behm. Mmmm…so County Executive Abele did not collect this money to provide decent health care services for the elderly and poor, or to address homelessness sooner, but we sure can collect the money owed now to pay for a basketball arena.

Well, can’t say the County Executive lacks vision. He clearly sees a future where more Milwaukee County residents will be joining the homeless ranks. I wonder if he was able to see that coming from his skybox seat during a recent Bucks game?

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