by Greg Markee, Madison, WI

First started in other places in 1970 and came to Madison in 1998; family connections and to get smart. Have found myself as a food person, a museumist, a librarian, a social worker, a writer, and an event organizer. Talked a lot early but had not considered it poetry until 1994; started collecting writings and putting them together.

Poems as evidence, poems as journal, poems as marks.


Serene the light is haze burns off at
A morning
A switch to thought then from the conditions of groundclouds
A sky waves away to opulence
The cars across
Like people having slept through change


Inspiration the monotonies of not having created a [thing]. And something so great as not to regard its social inclusion, -let the sunrise be today, I will arrange it at its second coming. The literal forms are indeed democratic and qualified and curious.

Daily habits. In ten years I will have a larger shelf of poems. I see no reason to stop bedtime prayer and smiling when I feel otherwise.

Going places. [They] attach different waters to their words.


Because two homelands do not know similarly
There were local divinities and
Recognize [that]
Say a promised land arrives two couples with two faiths attached
Wheel away the proper structure of sound to
A forced conceptualization
Say a modern divinity is for this place
And early and primitive we otherwise allow for force physical force
The object is a seed
And enough to call it similarly for comerce and
Other ways
I go home to my fancy words and love then because
Such were constant until
A pidgin is developed and developing to
Have sustained a further meaning than numbers
Then say obsolete like generations having raised themselves together
Say obsolete when
A homeland has only been discussed nor
Slept upon
Say try like deliberation tries at unions
Nor were I exhausted in knowing
So many concepts are yet to be invented if
Our overseers allow that a dictionary is not yet completed
I am early


Theory of art, art qualifies itself. And to believe the artist calling themself artist, saying this is art, agree if to recognize [that] school like authority. And the waterfalls for why I come, had it been an image which restarts that love, to say that is important and reproductive. And to characterize thought like poems, what words do stay that are pushed, no. The poet calling themself poet, saying this is poetry; I say convince me that this is poetry. Put logic in plastic and see how I might be otherwise convinced.

To say one in ten poems is for an audience, a remainder are narrative and mentioned and the page is turned over. A range of subjects from social concern to nature to sense to cities. To understand the station of a poet is to live in a comfortable and deliberate way, asking oneself what requires attention [today]. A body requires, a shelter requires, a social sphere requires, a community requires. And a refrain in believing other affective forces exist.

from the ‘alphabetics of fairweather camping [3.14]

Wisdoms intersect, the outed porchlight.
Crickets. Say peace is aged seventy and
having ridden a life. Lemonade is.

The greatest story begun is my own.
And reason upon forgiven questions.
Tomorrow riddle is what energy.

Nor station stopped I end. The lines. The lines.
A faith to the lines. That lifes regards are
still important now. Ask now to agree.

Wisdom is faith clamped upon history.
Were it all reflecting to beyonds; ask
a relations of those days to permnence.

Were it traveling outside of social
lines that brings the stories. He was new to
elderhood, still required embarrassment.

There was the war and other things. There was
the war. Nor expect an audience to
understand a graduated wisdom.

They will sit upon a chair inna day
calling war by other names and knowing.
And to ask why a counting was started.


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