No new taxes!

A Statement from Alderman Bob Donovan
May 1, 2015

Seeing that my colleague is fast-tracking his one-percent solution sales tax proposal for the new arena is a little more than disconcerting to me and thousands of other residents of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County.

The proposed sales tax now scheduled for a hearing before the Councils Judiciary and Legislation Committee on Monday is NOT good news for the average, hard-working citizen. I mean Im sorry, but our problem is that were already taxed enough!

In my opinion, it seems some of my colleagues are clamoring to raise taxes on the little guy (primarily for an arena) while our real problems and issues go unaddressed.

My colleague is even going so far as to suggest a referendum on the sales tax proposal. Well, he sure as hell didnt want a referendum on the streetcar!

Additionally, the proposal states that part of the proceeds would also be used for transportation needs. HmmmI wonder if that means it might be used to help deliver on some of the Barrett Administrations promises about the streetcar (i.e. expanded future routes/lines)?

Putting a portion of this new tax toward a doomed-to-fail streetcar is a HUGE waste of resources. Why not use it to hire more police officers instead?!

And WHY is this being fast-tracked? Wheres the input from residents at public meetings out in the community (even in other municipalities in the county)?

Im also curious to know if this proposal is being brought forth on behalf of the mayor. Does the mayor support this sales tax, or does he not support it? Or, does his opinion or support even really matter to people any longer?

Bottom line is this: Im pretty sure this proposal which requires approval by the state Legislature is already dead on arrival in Madison. The Governor has indicated he wants no new taxes.

Sounds about right to me.

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