Officer injured in yet another car theft incident

Milwaukees auto theft rate 12 times higher than that of New York City

Statement from Alderman Bob Donovan April 10, 2015

Early this morning on the citys east side, a Milwaukee police officer was injured when he was struck during an attempted traffic stop of a stolen vehicle. The occupants of the stolen vehicle hit the officer while fleeing the traffic stop, and fearing for his partners life the other officer fired his service weapon at the fleeing vehicle.

The injured officer was taken to the hospital, and thank God his injuries are not life-threatening.

Milwaukee, with a population of 595,000, has an auto theft rate that is 12 TIMES HIGHER than the rate in New York City! (population 8.5 million). Last year, New York City tallied 7,664 stolen vehicle cases, and Milwaukee had 6,657.

That is almost incomprehensible to me!

Given the level of disorder across Milwaukee, I could hold a news conference twice daily, seven days a week but I choose to restrain myself.

The level of crime and disorder in Milwaukee is shocking, really. And am I the only one in town who is concerned enough to speak out?

It sure looks that way to me.

Mayor Barrett: Do something, please.

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