Pressure Builds from Counties to Take BadgerCare Dollars

By Kevin Kane, Citizen Action of Wisconsin Healthcare Organizer

Two Updates

1. Citizen Action of Wisconsin said over a month ago that opposition was building in state Senate to Gov. Scott Walker’s plan to reject federal expansion of BadgerCare. Since then, organizations, citizens and county governments across the state have spoken up against this plan to deny thousands access to BadgerCare, and cut tens of thousands more off.

Now, we once again say that Walker does not have the support from his own party to reject billions in federal funds for BadgerCare.

From the senators’ own words: (click here for more)

2. In an open records request collected by Citizen Action of Wisconsin from State Senator Tom Tiffany (R - Hazelhurst), it is revealed that in all of the constituent communication that Senator Tiffany received on Medicaid expansion/federal funds for BadgerCare not a single constituent called for standing with Governor Walker and rejecting these federal funds for BadgerCare!

In a request for all constituent and organizational communication and any tally of communications in regards to the issue of BadgerCare as part of the decision that Governor Walker is trying to push through the legislature from January 1st 2013 to present, Senator Tiffany was contacted by well over 100 constituents on this issue, and not a single one registered in support of Walker’s position or called for rejecting federal funds.

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Statewide In the last week 7 counties from across the state passed resolutions calling on the Legislature to overturn Governor Walkers rejection of billions in federal funds for BadgerCare.

The counties that have acted on BadgerCare resolutions are regionally and politically diverse, representing red, blue, and purple areas of the state. In each of the resolutions, introduced in 15 counties so far, counties call for the legislature to accept federal funds for BadgerCare as part of the Affordable Care Act, or to partner with counties interested in taking the money (similar to the way the highly successful long term care program Family Care is structured).

Seven Wisconsin counties have passed resolutions so far, with Dane and Milwaukee Counties passing their resolution yesterday. Winnebago, Oneida, Lincoln, and Marathon Counties passed resolutions on Tuesday, and La Crosse County acted on May 16th. By population, these seven counties represent one third of the total population of the State of Wisconsin. More and more voices are speaking out against rejecting these federal funds for BadgerCare. Senators Michael Ellis, Tom Tiffany, and Jerry Petrowski should take notice that counties in their districts are calling on them to say yes to accepting enhanced money for BadgerCare.

The decision whether to accept federal funds for Wisconsins BadgerCare program is currently before the Joint Finance Committee before going to the full Legislature next month.

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