Priorities: Reason versus Racism and Our Unconscious

By Patricia Obletz, Editor

Racism and hypersegregation are so deeply imbedded here in Milwaukee that some people forget that everyone in America has the right to free speech. And that no one in America has the right to persecute others. In discussing the Concerned Citizens for Reform anti-racism campaign sign for public buses, some Reformers said, No one in the Milwaukee area wants to even think about racism, especially black and white politicians. I collected on the bet a friend made with me after she said that the Freeway Flyer buses wouldnt be allowed to carry a sign that includes the word racism on it.

Does Fear Dominate Your Reality?

The wounds from their own experiences, and those of their ancestors remain raw, flayed by ongoing subtle and blatant acts of racism that can make fear dominate reality. Perhaps that fear is one symptom described by Professor Joy DeGruy-Leary, PhD; MSW, in her book, “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America’s Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing.” After many years of researching her theory, Dr. DeGruy-Leary included in her book the following: In the mid-1800′s white Americans rationalized abusing their slaves by passing a law that defined African-Americans as beings less than human. By the mid-1800s, whites also had produced 600,000 mixed race children.

Serious and persistent mistreatment alters anyones mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual balance. Without spiritual balance, getting through hard times is much, much harder, whatever skin youre in. For a growing number of young and old, its impossible.

Poverty is the whip of todays enslavement of Americans whose ancestry originated in Adam and Eve.

We cannot wait another minute to finish the job that righteous, open and fair-minded black and white people began back in 1909. Their NAACP was born 20 years before the first Great Depression. In todays Great Depression in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, greed openly takes aim at African Americans above all else. Minority hiring quotas here are filled mainly by Hispanic and Native Americans. Community Block Development Grants primarily go to Hispanic areas, and rarely to the ever-growing number of African Americans imprisoned by poverty in the central city. We cannot forget: Milwaukee makes Wisconsin the Worst State in the USA when it comes to teaching young African Americans how to write, read and understand numbers and the principles of science.

The insanity lies in deliberately sabotaging African Americans at every turn, from education to healthcare, from job opportunities to housing, and too much more. Is it guilt that makes so many politicians and too many others scapegoat African Americans?

Does negativity own American thinking?

But in Milwaukee, January 3, 2011, is the day that the Concerned Citizens for Reform Agenda begins to lead our local NAACP. This Agenda includes: Treating Hopelessness with pro bono legal eagles helping members defend their civil rights. Pro-bono specialists from many fields once again will reach out to member families and individuals in need. Public and private donations will, for the first time in 12 years, be used for neglected programs and services.

Holding back youth from the basics of survival in a capitalistic, greed-driven society is nonviolent genocide.

If any of us, you in particular, care that our United States of America continues to support the persecution of an entire American culture, then step forward and speak out against this uncivilized war against Americans who were freed two centuries ago.

If possible, you who can, please join mentoring programs at agencies such as Big Brother and Big Sister, your neighborhood schools, community centers and temples/churches. Math and reading are so much harder to understand when stability at home and in neighborhoods is at risk. We all know about the consequences of poverty, especially when its forced on families and individuals who are cut off from a paycheck to make room for more profit. Poverty still makes it much, much harder to concentrate on anything exacting. Without volunteer help, making it through high school can be impossible for too many Americans.

There are more of us.

As in earlier mass protests, there are far more of us than there are of the merchants of greed. And there are some power-brokers, beginning with United States President Barack Hussein Obama, who already are fighting this war to win spiritual freedom and human rights for every American: Healthcare Reform; Repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell to name two of President Barack Obama’s works that benefit the majority of us. We know that we all share this universe created by an unimaginable force that some call God.
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