Public Safety needs- Leadership


While the City appears to be in a public safety freefall the Mayor chooses rhetoric and political agenda over a plan for saving our community.

The mayor was quick to point out that no amount of police staffing could make the difference:

(1) The mayor chose the current chief does he [Flynn] agree with this flawed perspective

(2) The Mayor says, more gun control and state support is needed [where is the local plan];

(3) and finally, he adds that small amounts of marijuana should be permissible and he reminds us that black lives matter. Let me remind him: recently three teens were killed small amount of marijuana involved! An elderly couple enjoying their senior years, lives cut short small amount of marijuana involved! Every life in this community matters!

Our police force remains twoto-three hundred officers under staffed; while at the same time this force is furloughed at a rate equivalent to 48,000 man-hours per year!

How can staffing not make a difference?

Our police officers are over tasked; while expected to perform duties of vacant positions these officers are forced to work without partners, which puts them at great risk, delays response time and ultimately jeopardizes the safety of the entire community investigations are minimized [detective & forensic investigators: each downsized - 25% less than when Flynn arrived] - - the crook(s) has/have gained the upper hand under this current leadership!

Mike Crivello, President, Milwaukee Police Association

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