Reclaim Our State: Day of Action March 11

Today, Scott Walker will sign “right to work” legislation, making this latest right-wing assault on working people and family-supporting wages the law in Wisconsin.

For years now, Wisconsin has been battered by pro-corporate policies that have benefited only the wealthy few and big business while putting the American dream further out of reach for far too many. But this is not just a Wisconsin problem.

Across the nation, politicians are rigging the system for big corporations and the very wealthy while families are struggling to get by. This has gone on for too long. Families are fed up and taking action on March 11 to reclaim their stake in government.

As Wisconsinites, we have a choice to make. Are we going to fight each other for breadcrumbs? OR ARE WE GOING TO JOIN TOGETHER AND FIGHT BACK?

We say it’s time to fight back.

This Wednesday, March 11, United Wisconsin will join our partners at Wisconsin Jobs Now for a national day of action to take to the streets, parks, and state capitols and send a clear message right in our states: Our democracy and our planet do NOT belong to the few. They belong to we the people!

Here are the details:

  • What: Reclaim Our State: National Day of Action march addressing poverty, attacks on public education and mass incarcaration.
  • Where: Worthington Park, 3012 Worthington Ave, Madison, WI, 53714.
  • When: Wednesday, March 11, 3:00pm.

Buses to and from Madison are available free of charge in the Milwaukee area. If you need transportation, meet at the UWM student union or the Wisconsin Jobs Now office located at 1862 W. Fond du Lac Ave in Milwaukee WI by 12:00pm. Buses will depart from Milwaukee at 12:30pm and leave Madison at 7:00pm. Wisconsin Jobs Now will also reimburse mileage for cars bringing 4 or more from outside Madison and Milwaukee.

It’s time working families in Wisconsin stand up and make their voices heard:

RSVP today and join families across the nation as we march to reclaim government for We the People!

-Your Friends at United Wisconsin

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