Rep. Zamarripa Code Talk Not Convincing - GOP Passing the Buck

By Robert Miranda, Editor: Wisconsin Spanish Journal

July 21, 2015

The pressure to pass a deal that will keep the Milwaukee Bucks in Milwaukee is being put on the shoulders of the Democratic Party.

Republican messaging experts are attempting to create a narrative that will clear them of failing to keep the Milwaukee Bucks in Wisconsin because they don’t have the votes.

So to make themselves look like they’ve been working hard to keep the Bucks in Milwaukee, Republicans are pointing the finger towards the Democrats in an attempt to shift blame away from the GOP.

Democrats on the other hand continue to look like deer on the road, staring into oncoming lights unable to move before getting smacked for not responding to the GOP for their failure to muster up the votes they need in order to pass the Bucks deal.

In the past couple of years, the GOP managed to pass every law that cuts everything from health care and food for the elderly and babies to education and workers rights. Now that Republicans can’t come up with the votes to pass a deal for a professional basketball team the GOP leadership clearly wants to pass, GOP leaders say it’s up to the Milwaukee area assembly Democrats to make this happen.

You got to hand it to the Republicans: they sure know how to get themselves out of a jam and set up the Democrats for the blame if things don’t pan out.

Most likely Democrats will cave in and vote for the Bucks deal — a deal that most likely will shift the $250 million taken out of education into the building of the new arena.

And the Democrats appear to be ready to move in support, as indicated by Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa during an interview on the WISN 12 talk show, UpFront with Mike Gousha.

Zamarripa stated that negotiations must include job guarantees for people who live in Milwaukee, more specifically, people living in the area the arena is being built in.

That sounds great! But what Zamarripa should already know is that, in projects like the arena, the requirement she speaks of is already covered by law. So what is she talking about?

Milwaukee has a local hiring program which requires contractors who will be building the arena, to hire unemployed workers living in low income neighborhoods of Milwaukee. This same program will most likely be utilized to build the streetcar.

It used to be that, if federal money was included in any project, the agency in charge of it would have business goals and objectives, and job creation goals and objectives. And those goals were accountable to the Feds.

The law says that projects of this type must hire workers from the area. If that is the case, why say on WISN TV 12 that the Democrats want to see that provision be made part of the deal?

Unless Zamarripa is trying to use it as a good political argument to deflect any backlash for voting for the arena deal.

Highlighting jobs in the area that will be created because of the arena makes for a good sound bite, but it is also being disingenuous on her part.

When the Miller Park baseball stadium was being built, there were goals for small business minority women, American Indian owned businesses, there were labor goals, all sorts of goals. Yet none of those goals materialized.

Will the arena project reduce unemployment in the central city?Will it bring growth to depressed central city neighborhoods?

This is not what is being talked about by our Milwaukee Democrats. Seems they’re already raising the white flag and we’re going to pay for their cowardice.

Whatever the answer to these questions are, one thing is certain. Zamarripa and the Democrats would better serve the community if they would show how the central city will prosper from this endeavor.

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