Report on our visit to the Capitol

100 WISDOM leaders gathered at the state capitol today for a rousing action! After prayer and inspiring calls to action we delivered letters to Department of Corrections Secretary Ed Wall and legislative leaders Vos and Fitzgerald. You can view them below.

The $5M that the Joint Finance Committee added to the proposed budget for prison expansion last week isn’t a lot of money but it sets a direction: the wrong direction!

States around the nation, some led by Republicans and some led by Democrats, are working hard to reduce their prison populations, and even to close some facilities. They are saving millions of taxpayer dollars, and are restoring people to their families. Unfortunately, the Wisconsin Department of Corrections and the Joint Finance Committee seem to have a vision of our state that goes the other direction.

Please contact your state representatives - find them here - and tell them to take responsibility and not vote for a budget that includes prison expansion. If they can find an extra $5M as easily as they did last week, tell them to put it towards Treatment Alternatives, or Transit, or our childrens education. Your message doesnt have to be long or eloquent but we do need for you to contact them!

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Here is recent media coverage of the work of our Madison affiliate, MOSES. There will likely be more after todays events. Stay tuned!

Click to download these messages:
Memo to Secretary Wall
Memo to Speaker Vos and Senate Leader Fitzgerald

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