Scott Walker, F-Bomb, My Mom

By Jeri Bonavia WAVE - Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort

Monday, fresh from announcing his bid for the White House, Governor Walker bragged to supporters about his “A+” NRA rating, pretending it was all about being “fierce advocates for our hunting heritage…”

Give me a break! Scott Walker has been working shoulder-to-shoulder with the radical gun lobby, helping them force their reckless “anyone, any gun, anywhere” vision on our state. That’s not protecting our hunting heritage; that’s an affront to our hunting heritage — and it’s an ugly attack on our values and the culture we cherish.

This photo, from a new gun shop in Wisconsin called F-Bomb Ordnance, says it all. THIS is the gun industry’s terrifying new vision of the forests and fields of our state:

There’s a whole slide show of these alarming paramilitary-fantasy photos on F-Bomb’s website, along with the tagline: “BE THAT GUY!”

No thanks!

That’s not our “hunting heritage.” And, that’s not the Wisconsin I grew up in. My mom and dad taught me to respect our land and natural resources, to have a quiet presence in nature.

That’s the kind of “heritage” worth protecting! So help me out:

Click here to share your personal connection with Wisconsins heritage, whether its a story from growing up around guns or a photo from a hunting trip like my moms.

Tell us about the Wisconsin you grew up in, the one you want for your kids, and the next time we confront our lawmakers, well make sure to bring a stack of these personal stories to show them what Wisconsin once was, and can be again.

Tell us your story and your vision for Wisconsin.

Only by speaking up for the safer, saner state we deserve, for the rich history being corrupted by the gun lobbys guns everywhere agenda can we reclaim this great state.

Hope to hear from you soon,

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