Scott Walker: The Great Bamboozler

By Robert Miranda, Editor, Wisconsin Spanish Journal

September 24, 2015

How did Scott Walker bamboozle Wisconsin Republicans? By now Wisconsin Republicans are asking themselves, what did their Brethren Iowa Republicans see in Scott Walker that they did not see in Wisconsin?

The simple answer is that Iowan Republicans know a thing or two about identifying a snake oil charlatan. Walker was subjected toquestions he normally would not have to address in Wisconsin. When he could not answer the questions the Republicans in Iowa asked him consistently and honestly, well, you know what happened.

Scott Walker promised he would not drink the establishment Kool-Aid, but not only did he drink the Kool-Aid, he mixed it up with a witches brew of rats lies, bats shenanigans and a smidgen of snakes forked tongues.

Just how smart is WI GOP?

Walker got Wisconsin Republicans united, marching door to door, telling voters that he was going to create 250,000 jobs. But instead,what Walker did in the first quarter of 2011 was to change the entire agenda from jobs creation to attacking the unions.

His action caused an economic shock to the labor and economic environment. Did he consult with the Republican base that broke their backs to get him elected? No.

Whom did he consult? The highly paid corporate consultants and Walker’s big donors, that’s who. Why? So he could become famous and run for the presidency.

Did Walked consult with the Republican base about allowing fraudulent tax credits and loans to primarily corporate donors? Do you seriously believe that Walker did not know about the WEDC loans? Be serious. Walker expects us to believe his innocence as if we believe him when he says he did not know about the secret email system at his Milwaukee County executive office.

Did Walker consult with the Republican base in Wisconsin about changing the open records law, which would have allowed even more corruption to grow?

The buck stops with him.

Did Walker consult with the Republican base in Wisconsin regarding the ethical consequences of selling DNR land to a major multi-million dollar donor?

Republicans are supposed to stand for good, responsible government. Economic efficiency and fair opportunity for all. Instead, Walker serves the big mega donors masquerading as a sole kind of man doing an average man’s work.

He is a snake oil charlatan. Republicans across the nation saw it and they withdrew their support…it is time that Wisconsin Republicans take control of the Wisconsin GOP away from Walker and his bamboozling cohort.

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