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Dear Readers,

Established in February 2009, Peace of Mind came to be because the founders of offered space on their site. I asked after the New York State governor zeroed out the budget line grant for the publication I launched in 1992–2009 with an editorial board of four.

Peace of Mind covers uncommon common ground that offers wide-ranging original art, poetry and views of artists, activists and health professionals who open doors to spiritual freedom. Our mental and emotional wealth depends on avenues to peace. Adversity falls upon us all, and how we get through it depends upon the bottom-line of our spiritual balance.

Peace of Mind welcomes your stories of why, how and when you first knew you were an artist, an activist, a survivor of universal life-changing obstacles; please send jpgs of up to five images to accompany your story, plus a picture of you. We want family-friendly pieces up to 3,000 words. Writing, author William Zinsser says, is like defrosting the windshield. And we are the heroes of our stories.

There can never be too much information about helping people help themselves. Please share what helps and hinders your spiritual and emotional balance — Bill Wilson founded Alcohol Anonymous in 1957 based on strangers telling their stories to each other, what worked and didnt work, growing a bank of self-knowledge and encouraging support. Science and experience also proved long ago the healing properties of self-expression, for the one who expresses, as well as for viewers.

We retain the right to edit all contributions volunteered for publication. The opinions expressed in Peace of Mind are those of the writers and do not necessarily represent Peace of Mind.

Thank you

POM Side Bar and Index Page Paintings by Patricia Obletz: 02/22/12

Peace Of Mind Milwaukee RenaissanceSide Bar:Rush 196716×13 oil on canvas
 Index Page:Midnight Watch22×28 oil on canvas
Ousting Greed from NAACP Milwaukee 2010Side Bar:The Red Horse Messengers 2004 [detail]50×40 oil stick on canvas
 Index Page:Civil Rights Attorney James H. Hall, Jr. new 2010 president for NAACP Milwaukee 
Op-EdSide Bar:Defender50×40 oil on canvas
 Index Page:Ed-Y, Crusader48×36 charcoal on canvas
AwarenessSide Bar:Night Watch30×24 oil on canvas
 Index Page:Mental Health Awareness Campaign Bus Sign 
HealthSide Bar:‘’Ed-Y, Crusader48×36 charcoal on canvasl
 Index Page:Sunrise-Sunset 200420×16 oil stick on canvas
Profiles of SuccessSide Bar:Red36×24 oil stick on canvas
 Index Page:Golden Bow20×16 oil pastel on paper
Beyond the AbsurdSide Bar:The Family14×12 oil pastel on paper
My Minds EyeSide Bar:The Blue Horse 201030×24 oil on canvas
To Be Heard & Not HurtSide Bar:Siblings50×40 oil stick on canvas
Creative Forces TV ShowSide Bar:MATA Media logo 
Mental Health Awareness CampaignSide Bar:Out of Nowhere campaign poster30×40 oil stick on canvas
The Artist In UsSide Bar:Long Night’s Journey into Day36×48 oil on canvas
 Index Page:Out of the Night20×16 oil on canvas
Washington Park Beat ArticlesSide Bar:The Colonel’s Breakfast Ride20×16 oil on canvas
 Index Page:Crusader 20107×5 acrylic & oil pastel on gesso board
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