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One of the concerns WISDOM has identified is the plight of parole-eligible “old law” prisoners, who were sent to prison in the last century, before “Truth In Sentencing.” Many of them have been caught in a bureaucratic nightmare, caught between the varying expectations of the parole commission and the Department of Corrections, caught between the expectations of the old law and the norms and practices that have evolved under Truth in Sentencing.

On Thursday, April 23, at 10 am there will be a hearing to consider the confirmation of Mr. Dean Stensberg as the new Chair of the Parole Commission. The hearing will take place in Room 330 Southwest of the Capitol, before the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety The hearing is open to the public. It is our hope that many citizens will attend and/or let their Senators know of our concerns for the nearly 3,000 parole-eligible prisoners whose lives are deeply effected by the breakdown of the parole system.

You can send a quick note to key decision makers:
Senator Wanggaard (Chair)
Senator Vukmir (Vice-Chair)
Kyle Koenen , (Committee Clerk)

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