Streetcar named boondoggle

Robert Miranda

A diverse coalition of Milwaukee residents, organizations and community groups is banding together to gather signatures in a petition drive to force direct legislation on The Milwaukee Streetcar.

Those who support the Streetcar will scream and yell that the opposition to the Streetcar is an orchestrated campaign organized by right wing Tea Party nut jobs and their supporters, leading a bunch of blind mice.

The reality is that those who are behind the Streetcar project are the same tired ass lame usual suspects who have held power in this city for over forty years, keeping this city as America’s most segregated city and one of America’s most poorest communities for Black people.

The time to revolt against these people has come. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Use that money to fight poverty and build business in communities decaying because of poverty.

Be part of the force to STOP the Milwaukee Streetcar; join the petition drive to require a vote by City of Miwaukee residents. Let there be a referendum.

Stop the arrogance of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and his developer friends in pushing for a BILLION dollar streetcar system Milwaukee doesn’t need or want!

There is an event Tuesday night, January 6th, at American Serb Hall (5101 W. Oklahoma Avenue, Milwaukee) from 5pm-7pm.

Direct inquiries to the organizers of the petition drive at 414–801–0800

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