Tell Your Senator: We Must Pass a Better “Doc Fix” Bill

After years of quick fixes, the House of Representatives recently passed a doc-fix bill to solve a long-standing problem with how Medicare pays doctors. This is good news for people with Medicare, who need to know their doctors will be there when they need them.

But there is bad news. The deal has people with Medicare shouldering more than their fair share of the cost. To pay for fixing this broken payment system, the bill increases the cost of premiums and deductibles for some beneficiaries.

Now, its the Senates turn to vote. The Senate has a chance to make the bill better for seniors and people with disabilities.

Tell your Senator to vote on an amendment to the Medicare doc-fix bill to improve the deal for people with Medicare. Pressure is mounting on the Senate to vote on the deal as is. We need your help to make sure the Senate votes on an amendment to secure a better deal for seniors and people with disabilities. Here are some ways the Senate can fix the Medicare doc-fix bill:

  • Eliminate arbitrary restrictions on access to needed physical, occupational and speech therapies

  • Strengthen protections and outreach for low-income beneficiaries

  • Extend expiring funding for Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs) that help families stay together at home

We must improve the Medicare doc-fix bill for people with Medicare! Urge your Senator to support an amendment to secure a fairer doc-fix deal for seniors and people with disabilities.

Best regards,

Stacy Sanders
Federal Policy Director
Medicare Rights Center

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