The ABC’s of Mayor Barrett’s downtown streetcar

The basic facts that the Mayor and Alderpersons do not want you to know about

By Chris Johnson, Editor,

Wednesday February 11, 2015

A. The downtown streetcar defers money away from education, specifically MPS and MATC.

B. The downtown streetcar will only serve a tiny, elite portion of the Milwaukee-area population.

C. The downtown streetcar does not guarantee significant sustainable jobs.

D. The downtown streetcar is not guaranteed to expand to the north or south side neighborhoods, there is no funding source guaranteeing expansion.

E. The downtown streetcar current and expanded route map does not connect neighborhoods in need of jobs with where the jobs are.

These are basic facts about the recently approved downtown streetcar proposal, so why did Alderpersons Coggs, Hamilton, Perez, Stamper and Wade vote for this streetcar when it has absolutely no benefit to the people they are supposed to represent?

These elected officials are either self-serving or inept for voting for projects like Mayor Barrett’s downtown streetcar that benefit the elite only. Either way, the Milwaukee community and public education continues to lose.

This city historically has publicly financed many projects including, but not limited to, Miller Parkway Stadium, Midwest Express Center and Marquette Interchange too name a few. None of these city financed projects reduced unemployment or poverty in Milwaukee. None of these projects resulted in an increase of job creating businesses. None of these projects helped reduce incarceration rates or crime resulting from economic development initiatives. So why do alderpersons keep claiming that this streetcar, like the other projects, is “good for the city”?

It is very clear that this streetcar, along with the other city financed projects, is only good for a tiny few and the people willing to be elite servants not public servants.

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