HUGE NEWS: the bill’s in — are you?

By Jeri Bonavia, Executive Director, WAVE - Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort” [email protected]

Senator Harris-Dodd just announced legislation that she and Representative Berceau will be introducing to close the glaring loopholes in Wisconsins broken background check system and take us one giant step toward a safer Wisconsin.

Click here to automatically add your name as a Citizen Co-Sponsor of this landmark background checks bill and stand should-to-shoulder with its authors.

As you know, this has been the top WAVE priority for years — because requiring a criminal background check on ALL gun sales is proven to be one of the single-most effective steps we can take to reduce gun violence and save lives.

And now, thanks to unflagging resolve and mounting pressure from you and fellow WAVE supporters across the state, weve reached a major milestone in making it a reality.

This is a critical, time-sensitive moment — and all eyes will be on the public response — so the most important thing you can do is stand up and officially recommit to the fight.

Act now: Join as a Citizen Co-Sponsor and help give this bill the strongest possible start.

I just stepped out of the press conference where Senator Harris-Dodd made the announcement — and the energy in that room was electric.

But make no mistake, while an overwhelming majority of Wisconsinites support this lifesaving law, you and I know better than anyone how its going to infuriate gun rights extremists.

The last thing we can allow is for this fringe minority to claim a two-sided debate and sway our lawmakers minds. Not when as many as 90% of all Wisconsinites agree with you and me that we should have a criminal background check system that works!

Before Representative Berceau, Senator Harris-Dodd and their co-authors officially introduce the bill in Madison this Thursday morning, let them know youre standing with them — and wont back down until its the law.

Register your official support as a background checks’ Citizen Co-Sponsor to give this bill as much momentum as possible before tomorrows big introduction.

As a core WAVE supporter, we call on you a lot to help fend off reckless gun lobby legislation and play defense for our families and communities. Not today.

Today we go on offense. Today we stop reaching for this milestone, and start building on it. Today we take a first, historic step toward the safer Wisconsin our children deserve.

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