ALERT: The OTHER controversy in the Capitol

by Jeri Bonavia, Executive Dir., WAVE - Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the introduction of a new bill that would repeal the 48-hour “cooling off” waiting period for handgun purchases in Wisconsin.

Thats right — instead of working for Wisconsin families by closing the glaring loopholes riddling our gun laws, our lawmakers are wasting yet more time working for the gun lobby.

Now, the Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety is plowing ahead with this legislation, and the first hearing is tomorrow. That means they need to hear from us TODAY.

Lets flood the Committee with messages urging them to stop this pointless gift for the gun lobby and start working to fix the real flaws in our gun laws.

Its clear they need a refresher on just how broken our gun laws are — and how easily these broken laws allow guns to quickly fall into the hands of criminals and other dangerous people.

Send your message now: Tell Committee Chair Rep. Kleefisch and all the committee members their first priority is protecting our families — not fulfilling the gun lobby’s wish list.

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