The Wisconsin Working Family Party Bedfellows

By Chris Johnson,

August 10, 2015

Recent articles regarding the newly formed and announced political party Wisconsin Working Family Party (WWFP) have brought rise to questions regarding who makes up this party and what differentiates them from the Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW). The most comprehensive account about the creation of this party is a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article initially published on July 31 of this year.

WWFP describes itself as, a grassroots independent political organization that fights for Wisconsins working families.

The executive director of WWFP is former Milwaukee County Board chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic and the Deputy Director is former Milwaukee County supervisor and two time candidate for city of Milwaukee alderman, Eyon Biddle.

Others with ties to the WWFP include State Sen. Chris Larson (D-Milwaukee) and Bruce Colburn, vice president of SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin.

The launch of this new party comes shortly after the Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW) Convention in June. At this convention, elections for statewide officers were held and the state Democratic party delegates elected Martha Laning as the new party chair, upsetting establishment favorite Jason Rae of Nation Consulting.

Imagine a consulting group controlling the Democratic Party at the state and at the largest county in that state. This is a winning formula for a firm that specializes in providing consulting services such as strategic planning, political campaigning, fundraising, grass roots organizing and polling/research.

Since the state convention, the Milwaukee County DPW Chair Marlene Ott has announced she will not be running for re-election. And Andy Suchorsky, Nation Consulting Associate, has resigned from his position as an officer and recently Nation Consultant loyalist and former DPW Communications Director Brandon Savage has been added as Recording Secretary.

Is it simple coincidence that all of these Nation Consulting employees and allies are in positions at the DPW or is this strategic political planning? It could be that Nation Consulting and their partners are preparing to shift resources from the DPW to WWFP.

This past week on the liberal blog Wisconsin Progressive Broadcasting Network, a discussion regarding the WWFP was entirely removed, causing some to question the censorship by the moderator of the page. Read the article that started the discussion here. In fact, the thread was removed in entirety after it was revealed that Randy Bryce, a commentator on the thread, was asked about a contract that Nation Consulting had with WWFP.

Discussions continued on various blogs about whether or not Nation Consulting was planning to use the WWFP to identify and run candidates favorable with Nation Consulting initiatives at various levels of government after their chosen candidate and employee, Jason Rae, lost the state DPW chair election.

The relationship between WWFP and Nation Consulting should be looked at more closely. So, contacted WWFP executive director Marina Dimitrijevic via email asking, if Wisconsin Working Families Party has any contractual agreement with Nation Consulting LLC?

Two requests were sent with the same yes or no question. Sup. Dimitrijevic never responded to either request, nor did any other WWFP representative.

With a better understanding of the secretive relationship between WWFP and Nation Consulting, it is clear that politics does make strange bedfellows.

But what is even stranger is the relationship between Nation Consulting and Koch brothers funded Americans for Prosperity (AFP), considering that AFP is a major supporter of Scott Walkers efforts to destroy unions with Act 10.

That is not very working families friendly, which again makes the relationship between WWFP and Nation Consulting even more disturbing. Here is the 990 tax form proving Thad Nations, of Nation Consulting, organization Coalition For The New Economy has given money to right-wing organizations that have been active and deliberate in their efforts to destroy unions.

The Coalition for the New Economy is actually a front group largely funded by AT&T, Time Warner Cable, and other telecom industry players that have to compete with community broadband providers. Read more about it here.

Thad Nation, founder and senior partner of Nation Consulting, is no stranger to Democrats and the inner-most workings of the Democratic Party. He was Communications Director for former Gov. of Wisconsin Jim Doyle. Neither is Nation Consulting partner Sachin Chheda a stranger to the party; he is a former aide of Gov. Jim Doyle. They influence the DPW through employees and allies who hold office at the DPW and through placing delegates at the Democratic National Committee.

Clearly this collaboration is not in the best interest of Wisconsin Working Families and illustrates the duplicity practiced by the Nation Consulting team as it relates to working to getting politicians elected.

Strange bedfellows indeed!

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