This is moving fast. Speak out now:

By Jeri Bonavia, Ex. Dir., WAVE - Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort

Last week, Congress introduced a bipartisan bill to expand background checks — the single-most effective step we can take to reduce gun violence and save lives.

Meanwhile, back here in Wisconsin, our lawmakers did the opposite: They plowed ahead with legislation that — instead of seeking to save lives — would repeal the 48-hour waiting period for handgun purchases in our state.

Im writing because this irrational bill has a Senate committee hearing tomorrow. And its urgent our senators hear from folks in their districts before they make up their minds.

Speak out now: Help flood the Committee with messages urging them to stop this waste of time and get to work fixing our broken background check system.

The Assembly already held its committee hearing on the bill, and things could speed up quickly.

Lets remind our lawmakers they work for us -- not the gun lobby -- and their first priority should be public safety -- not politics.

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