Showdown for Fair Pay

In December, Milwaukee County Supervisors on the Finance, Personnel, and Audit Committee delayed moving forward on the living wage ordinance. Thrusday, they’ll be back in session and it’s up to us to make sure the ordinance makes it to the next step.

Send a letter to your supervisor: Tell them it’s time to pass the living wage

Last year, workers went on offense to make sure that they earn what they deserve. Since then, the business lobby - supported by Fox News and the Association of Commerce - has worked hard to mislead the public. Claiming that a living wage will hurt jobs, they intentionally fail to recognize that the increase in local spending will be a boon to the metro area. They support the staus quo which lets international companies get rich by paying Milwaukee workers too little to live on.

Reach out to your supervisor and fight the corporate spin machine

It’s coming down to the wire. Milwaukee is struggling under stagnant wages and inequality that the county board can help change. As workers across the country rise up for fair pay, Milwaukee should join the 140+ municipalities that have already passed living wage ordinances.

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