Two Bucks Owner Makes Racism Part of Business Practice

By Robert Miranda, Editor, Wisconsin Spanish Journal

May 3, 2015

Reported by, the owner of a Milwaukee establishment is under fire for racist statements she made against Black citizens.

The report goes on to say that on Friday last week, patrons and employees who were at Two Bucks witnessed the owner of the bar, Lynn Forthaus make racist comments about Black people and refused to serve Blacks who were patronizing the bar.

A Facebook page has been created by witnesses to the racist remarks and actions made by Forthaus. The page is calling for a boycott of the establishment.

The page is filled with witnesses’ first-hand accounts of being approached by Two Bucks representatives and asked to leave.

A bouncer at the bar, on duty Friday night, says he witnessed Forthaus refuse to serve Black patrons and stating that she did not want “ghetto people” in her bar.

Rico Redd, the bouncer who witnessed the racist actions of Forthaus, walked off the job after he confronted Forthaus about her comments and behavior.

Another employee, Oval Reid, a bartender at Two Bucks since it opened in 2012, quit as well after witnessing Forthaus “kicking out” black patrons because they were Black.

According to the Facebook, Two Bucks was closed on Saturday night. The Spanish Journal attempted to call Forthaus but the phone message-box was full.

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