US Presidents Skin Color Drives GOP Out of Their Minds

Summer 2011

By Patricia Obletz, Editor

Some journalists and citizens accuse American President Barack Hussein Obama of being a closet Republican. Or of not being strong enough to shame the opposition by calling their actions what they are: immoral and un-American. But by continuing to compromise, Pres. Obama continues to practice The Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

By practicing The Golden Rule, the United States president role models what is right for America and the world: Balance. I had hoped that he would say to his opposition that he understands why his skin color has driven them out of their minds. But in his wisdom, he allows savvy media minds to say it for him. And theres no one in this world who can deny that the GOPs response to the need to raise the debt ceiling showed its true colors: everything for the rich; scraps for the rest of American citizens.

Practicing The Golden Rule and facing the depths of yourself keep you sane because they balance you when so much else in your life is unbalanced. Face yourself if you have the courage to do so. Face your priorities, who and what you put first. In Dreams from my Father, United States of America President Barack Hussein Obama faced the depths of his experiences with love, loss and racism. Loss can drive we humans into depression and other illnesses that strike our spirit first. Racism is a madness that too often is criminal. But racism isnt in the genes, it is not God-given. Racism is contagious and spreads from one generation to the next, especially in those families where the young never experience love, at the least, respect, and encouragement, the core of The Golden Rule.

The Golden Rule obviously is not in play in Wisconsin. And unfortunately, last weeks recall election didnt quite change this status. And yet, the Democrats won big last week when those two Republicans lost in their heavily Republican districts, altering the balance of power in the state senate. There is at least one Republican who understands how wrong the governors policies are, which would even Senate votes. The hope is that more Republican senators will elect the side of right and balance. And so, this week, we Wisconsinites must make sure that the GOP cannot recall our last two Democratic senators in jeopardy. We also get to vote in 2012 to change the playing field in Wisconsin and across the country. Voting is the greatest power we the majority of people have to treat the insanity displayed by the todays GOP.

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