Update on Medicaid Motion passed by Joint Finance committee today

by Mental Health Task Force/ Make It Work Milwaukee

Here are highlights from the Medicaid motion passed today by the Joint Committee on Finance:

The hearing opened with discussion of a motion from Democratic committee members. The motion included full Medicaid expansion called for under the federal health care law, expanded Family Care to Northwest Wisconsin, supported improvements to the Medical Assistance Purchase Plan, and provided additional supports for families of children with significant disabilities. It was defeated in a 4–12 party line vote.

The GOP Medicaid motion was approved on a 12–4 party line vote. It included the following:

  • Comprehensive Community Services: The Committee supported the proposed increased funding for expanding CCS; however, they modified the Governors plan to require DHS to submit a report to the Committee no later than March 1, 2014, that describes the criteria for regionalization, a description of how the regions will be established and an evaluation of the estimated long-term costs of the proposed regional model. In addition, the motion transfers the GPR funding recommended by the Governor ($10,202,000 in 2014–15) to the Joint Committee on Finance supplemental appropriation and requires DHS to submit a request for the release of these funds under a 14-day passive review process after DHS submits the report to the Committee.

  • Medical Assistance Purchase Plan (MAPP): The Committee deleted the Governors proposed changes to the Medical Assistance Purchase Plan.

  • Badgercare: The Joint Finance Committee voted 12–4, along party lines, to accept the Governor’s proposal to reduce income eligibility for BadgerCare from 200% of the Federal Poverty Level to 100% of FPL for parents and caretakers. The proposal also lowers income eligibility to 100% of FPL for childless adults but removes the enrollment cap on the BadgerCare Plus Core Plan so that all childless adults with incomes below 100% FPL will be covered by BadgerCare. Individuals losing BadgerCare coverage under the plan will be expected to buy insurance through the federal health care exchange.

  • Family Care: The Committee did not approve Family Care expansion to northeast Wisconsin. A motion adopted by the Committee will require DHS to develop a projection of the expected future change in the need for publicly funded long term care by December 14, 2013. Within the report, DHS must address strategies to control the growth of Medicaid long term care costs and strategies for reducing or delaying individuals entering the publicly funded long term care programs. A motion put forward by the Committees Democrats would have expanded Family Care to northeast Wisconsin, but that motion failed 4–12, along party lines.

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