WWFP Executive Director Admits WWFP is Tea Party of the Left UPDATE

By Chris Johnson, Editor, KINGFISHmke.com

On Citizen Action of Wisconsins “The Battleground Wisconsin” podcast this week, executive director of Wisconsin Working Families Party (WWFP), Milwaukee County Sup. Marina Dimitrijevic admits that this independent political organization is the “Tea Party of the left.” You can hear it for yourself here. The discussion regarding the WWFP being the Democrats version of the Tea Party begins at approximately four minutes and 15 seconds into the interview.

Sup. Dimitrijevic also talks about how the WWFP will use “fusion voting,” which is a system in which the same candidate may be nominated by two or more different parties, with the parties listed separately on the ballot but combining their votes to determine the overall tally for the candidate they share.
A candidate that would most likely support billionaire projects like the Bucks stadium, the Wisconsin XXL pipeline, and the Milwaukee downtown streetcar. These are the type of candidates they will be pushing for. More to come from this interview this upcoming Monday.

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