Walker should be ashamed

Gov. Walker signed it.

My phone has been ringing off the hook with reporters asking for comments after Gov. Scott Walker signed a package of NRA-backed bills into law yesterday afternoon.

I can sum up my response in one word: Shame.

Barely a week after nine church-goers were slaughtered at their own bible study and smack in the middle of one of the worst sprees of gun violence Wisconsin has ever seen, and THIS is what Walker calls leadership? Its appalling.

Make sure everyone knows where Gov. Walkers priorities are by sharing this graphic on Facebook right now — while the news is still spreading.

Our elected officials should be spending their time passing laws that we know will save lives and reduce gun violence — starting with background checks on all gun sales.

Instead, Gov. Walker just showed exactly what his A+ NRA rating means by repealing the 48-hour cooling-off period formerly required to buy a handgun in our state.

I couldnt put it any better than state Representative Lisa Subeck:

Instead of heeding the publics call for commonsense reforms that keep us safer, Governor Walker and legislative Republicans have chosen to bolster their credentials with the NRA and other extreme right-wing interest groups.

I couldnt agree more. If you feel the same, show it — call Walker out right now.

Lets go,

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