Walkernomics Wont Work for USA, Either

By Robert Miranda, Editor, Wisconsin Spanish Journal; /PeaceOfMind/InMyMindsEye

Time Magazine 8/6/15 Fox News debate in Cleveland transcript below illustrates clearly the pipe dream that is Walkernomics:

CHRIS WALLACE: Governor Walker.

(APPLAUSE) Governor Walker, when you ran for governor of Wisconsin back in 2010, you promised that you would create 250,000 jobs in your first term, first four years. In fact, Wisconsin added barely half that and ranked 35th in the country in job growth. Now youre running for president, and youre promising an economic plan in which everyone will earn a piece of the American dream.

Given your record in Wisconsin, why should voters believe you?

SCOTT WALKER: Well, the voters in Wisconsin elected me last year for the third time because they wanted someone who aimed high, not aimed low.

Before I came in, the unemployment rate was over eight percent. Its now down to 4.6 percent. Weve more than made up for the jobs that were lost during the recession. And the rate in which people are working is almost five points higher than it is nationally.

You know, people like Hillary Clinton think you grow the economy by growing Washington. One report last year showed that six of the top 10 wealthiest counties in America were in or around Washington, D.C.. I think most of us in America understand that people, not the government creates jobs. And one of the best things we can do is get the government out of the way, repeal Obamacare, put in reign in all the out of control regulations, put in place and all of the above energy policy, give people the education, the skills that the need to succeed, and lower the tax rate and reform the tax code. Thats what Ill do as president, just like I did in Wisconsin.

First, Walker won his recall because the fundamental idea of a recall is to remove elected officials from office who committed acts while in office that are corrupt.

For example, recalling Alberta Darling and her accomplices Vos and Fitzgerald for their attempt to gut open records would be an appropriate recall action.

Doing a recall against an elected official because you do not agree with his or her policy is not an effective recall action. Walker was able to win because many of Wisconsin’s voters did not agree with the notion that recalling Walker for implementing ACT 10 was justification for his removal.

Second, Walker won his election over Mary Burke because Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW) under former chair Mike Tate did not do the best job of getting out the vote, and because Tate rammed Burke as the Democratic candidate, ignoring the democratic process.

Tate failed because he caused many to question the manner in which Burke was chosen to be the Democratic contender, causing many voters to turn away from supporting her. He also failed to use DNC resources effectively to help get out the vote. DNC could have come to Wisconsin in full force to beat Walker, but did not. Why not?

Third, Walker has demonstrated clearly that tax breaks and deregulation do not work under Walkernomics.

Walker was just giving away money to corporations that were dying and had no commitment to creating new jobs.

His failure is simple. When providing grants or loans to corporations, Walkernomics failed to establish strong connection to innovation and job creation.

The money should have been tied to internal company alignments that ensured innovations led to the creation of new jobs. None of that was done.

Finally, obfuscation plays a big role in Walkernomics.What Walker fails to say is that, by definition, the unemployment rate does not count people who have given up looking for work, people who return to college or education or people who simply left the labor market. If all of those people were counted in the present stagnant job growth in Wisconsin, the Wisconsin unemployment rate would likely be higher.

Walkernomics is all about sophistry, obfuscation, policies of tax breaks, deregulation and corporate welfare, all ingredients that would destroy America’s economy.

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