Walker’s budget includes 34% cut to WPR and WPTV

As a supporter of Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Television we want to give you an update on the developing situation related to Governor Walker’s Biennial Budget Proposal announced this week.

The Governor’s Budget Proposal includes an approximately 34% cut to the state portion of the Educational Communications Board (ECB) who, in partnership with the University of Wisconsin Extension, operate WPR and WPT. The Governor’s proposed cuts are significant and they would force a reduction of service to the people of Wisconsin.

We have an assertive year-round fundraising program, but despite our record of success, the gap that would be created by these unprecedented cuts could not be covered by increased fundraising alone. The WPR and WPT service that you rely on is based on a thoughtful balance of public and private support. This budget proposal upsets that balance and threatens our programs and services.

WPR and WPT belong to you and you can have a voice in what happens to them. If you would like your voice to be heard, contact your elected officials and let them know how important WPR and WPT are to you - find contact information for your legislators here: http://maps.legis.wisconsin.gov/.

Thank you for your support. WPR and WPT are working closely with our partners at the ECB and the University of Wisconsin Extension to monitor the budget as it develops and we’ll keep you informed. If you have questions or concerns, please let us know.


Mike Crane, Wisconsin Public Radio Director
James Steinbach, Wisconsin Public Television Director

Dean Dietrich, Wisconsin Public Radio Association President
Linda Prehn, Friends of Wisconsin Public Television Board President

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