Patricia was a regular contributor to the Washington Park Beat newspaper, for which its publishers David Boucher and Stephanie Shipley invited her to write and solicit articles about matters relating to art and mental health. Read articles from the paper here on the Milwaukee Renaissance.

September/October 2008 issue

  • The True Golden Parachutes

By Patricia Obletz

  • On a Road to Bastille

By A.J. Hegerty

  • The Addictive/Codependent Legacy. And Disowning It

By Ann Palmer

July/August, 2008 issue

  • Profile of Success: Virgi Driscoll, Award-Winning Artist and Arts Education Activist

By Patricia Obletz

Virgi Driscoll is a visionary who makes her visions come true through her art and determination to help children evolve into well-balanced adults.

  • Mental Health Developments

By Bob Driscoll

Bob Driscoll is an activist for mental health and writes on personal and public issues relating to his field. His first article, Off the Sauce and On Lithium appeared in the November-December 2007 edition of WPB.

  • Brains Relate People Just As Lungs Breathe Air

By Russell Gardner, MD

Russell Gardner is a mixed-media artist, poet, author, think tank member, researcher and retired MD, psychiatrist, clinical & research; psychoanalyst. He paints a picture of what mental health means.

May/June, 2008 issue

  • Gregory Stanford: Profile of Success

By Patricia Obletz

In this interview, retired Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter, editorial writer and board member, talks about his childhood, which includes his first experience with discrimination. He also reflects on his career and what makes a teacher good with students.

  • Our American Dilemma

By Ruben Hopkins, President, Wisconsin Black Chamber of Commerce

Ruben Hopkins reflects on what it takes to make African Americans succeed in busness, citing problems and solutions.

  • The Universality of Mental Illnesses

By Patricia Obletz

Patricia Obletz shares the stories of an experiment in India, “Psychotherapy for all,” Dr. Joy DeGruy-Leary’s theory of “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome” and more.

  • Mental Health Insurance Parity Legislation Update

By Bob Driscoll

“The most profound toll of untreated mental illnesses is immeasurable human suffering.”

March/April, 2008 issue

  • Finding Peace: An Interview

By Patricia Obletz

Sister Ann Catherine Veierstahler, RN, didn’t know what peace was until she was 57.

  • Climbing Out: An Interview

By Patricia Obletz

Discover how Sister Eleanor Martinez, MS, CASAC, unknowingly fell into addiction, denied that she was in trouble for years, and then at last faced herself, her problems and got the help she needed to climb out of it.

January/February, 2008 issue

  • Raising Children Out of Poverty

By Patricia Obletz

Paster Lee Shaw and Minister Greg Lewis work with at-risk youth and help them find purpose and peace.

  • Attitudes, Values and Behaviors

By Barry Blackwell, MD

Dr. Barry Blackwell compares attitudes toward brain disorders and breast cancer.

November/December, 2007 issue

  • Advocacy at Work: A Conversation with Peter Hoeffel

By Patricia Obletz

Peter Hoeffel informs us on the work of Disability Rights Wisconsin and how it helps individuals and groups navigate systems of care and justice. He delves into the serious problems existing in the Milwaukee County mental health system and public schools, saying that “Milwaukee is Wisconsin’s New Orleans.”

August/September, 2007 issue

  • Promoting Healthy Children

By Patricia Obletz

Child psychiatrist Shane Moisio, MD, and psychologist Bill Seymour, PhD, of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, talk about the problems and solutions available to advance help for young children and adolescents with behavioral health issues.

June/July, 2007 issue

  • Mental Health Benefits: An Insurer’s Perspective

By Patricia Obletz

John Tomlinson, Vice President, Employee Benefits, Mid State Insurance & Investment Services, discusses the status of parity mental health insurance, and the difficulties inherent in insuring benefits for people who are addicted to legal and illegal substances.

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