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Recent articles indicate that the Department of Corrections has made some of the changes related to the use of Solitary Confinement for which we began to advocate last October. Check out our website for specifics on our policy recommendations. WISDOM leaders were interviewed about the new DOC changes this week in the following posts:

State changing solitary confinement policy, Wisconsin State Journal

Wisconsin Department of Corrections looks for alternatives to solitary confinement, WUWM

WISDOM leaders have been featured in the press in other areas as well. Be sure to read our EXPO Leaders:
Mark Rices Opinion Column
Jerome Dillards testimony on a Senate Panel on the Federal Prison System
Talib Akbars experience in solitary confinement

We have made a specific request of those who are currently incarcerated. If you can help, please do so. We are looking for letters and personal examples regarding people who are Old Law Parole Eligible (people sentenced by Truth In Sentencing who are eligible for parole, but who keep being denied), or people who have been re-incarcerated for Crimeless Revocations (people who did not commit a new crime, but whose Supervision or Parole was revoked because of “technical violations.”)

We want to be able to counter the impression that is often given that Old Law, parole-eligible prisoners are the “worst of the worst,” that they are really horrible people, and that their release would create a grave danger to society. In the case of Crimeless Revocations, we need to counter the narrative that “they must have done something really bad,” or they wouldn’t have been re-imprisoned. The idea is to gather dozens of specific examples to the contrary.

In both cases, we are looking for information we can share publicly. So, we need to have expressed permission to use the information that is sent. The WISDOM Workgroup that focuses on Old Law issues recommends that one-page letters be addressed to Mr. Dean Stensberg, the new Chair of the Parole Commission. Please send the letter to us here in the WISDOM office and well send it on to Mr. Stensberg.

We would like to get as many letters as possible from prisoners or from loved ones of prisoners. They can be sent to:

3195 S. Superior Street, #313
Milwaukee, WI 53207

DEADLINE: Friday, September 11.

Please remember to indicate your permission to share the letter publically so we can use it to to educate the broader community.

WISDOM leaders have been meeting throughout the summer to frame the next phase of our campaign to end mass incarceration in Wisconsin. Mark your calendar for November 3 for the kickoff of ROC Wisconsin: Restoring Our Communities!

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