What’s The Matter With Milwaukee Democrats?

By Robert Miranda, Editor, Wisconsin Spanish Journal

Chris Johnson, Publisher/Editor, KINGFISHmke.com

May 18, 2015

Why do Milwaukee Democrats vote against their economic and social interests? Thomas Frank, author of the book “What’s The Matter With Kansas” gives us a pretty good analysis of what happened in his home state, Kansas, when poor white voters consistently voted for rightwing GOP candidates who openly worked against their own interest.

Clearly, the upside-down world of Milwaukee politics reflects the Wall Street rightwing order that Kansas voters fell for, where a group of collaborating rightwing Democrats, lawyers and CEO’s managed to convince Milwaukee voters that they speak on behalf of the People.

Recently, it was revealed that a staunch insider of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW), Thad Nation, founder of Nation Consulting and CEO of Coalition for The New Economy, gave tens of thousands of dollars to rightwing extremist groups hell-bent on defeating Wisconsin Democrats in order to solidify Wisconsin as a certified red state. But all some leaders of Milwaukee Democrats want to do is avoid controversy, not get into any finger pointing, and ignore the elephant in the room.

These hucksters who have been working in the shadows enriching themselves, while the struggle in our neighborhoods becomes more problematic due to, not only the rise of rightwing extremism within the GOP, but also money-changing rightwing Democratic collaborators, such as State Assemblyman Josh Zepnick, author of the AT&T bill that was defeated a couple of years ago, and Sachin Chheda, Nation Consulting partner, and campaign manager for former Milwaukee County Sheriff candidate, Christopher Moews.

Theyhave infiltrated the Democratic establishment and have been selling the soul of the party for their own self-gratification. This is a big part of why the social conditions that exist in Milwaukee’s central city continue.

The influence of money is without a doubt the biggest hurdle that leadership of the Black and Latino communities has to overcome if they are serious in bringing about the social and economic changes needed to wipe out the negative conditions thatplague the Black and Latino communities.

The dollar has blinded most Black and Latino leaders from the reality of poverty, misplaced priorities by local government and police state policies destroying Black and Latino families and neighborhoods in Milwaukee.

There are Black and Latino leaders who are hesitant to stir up a political awakening for fear of losing their status as paid consultants or contractors for some carnival-like social initiative, or being invited to speak at a sanctioned Democratic establishment event.

As mentioned earlier, Thad Nation, is at the center of this spider web. He is a Democratic strategist, founder and senior partner of Nation Consulting, and executive director of several non-profit rightwing collaborating groups. His partner in the consulting firm racket is Sachin Chheda, former aide to Governor Jim Doyle and former Milwaukee County Democratic Party Chairman. Stunningly, the Nation firm has in its ranks Linda Honold, a former chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW) working as counsel for Thad Nation’s firm. Linda Honold was unseated by Joe Wineke, who was then unseated by current chairman of the DPW Mike Tate, who is apparently backing Jason Rae for DPW Chairperson. Rae is a senior associate at Nation Consulting. You see where all this is going?

The web of greed, treachery and deceit however is flourishing because Democrats want to avoid “infighting.” Frankly, those who stress that narrative are either too thick-minded to understand the dynamics of a racket being organized in the DPW, or are benefactors of the scheme that Thad Nation and Sachin Chheda are building right before their eyes.

If the GOP is to be pushed back, these money changers must first be exposed and then rid the Democratic Party of these rightwing collaborating hucksters who have caused the party to lose ground and become weak.

But, then again, like in Kansas, Democrats in Milwaukee seem content to vote for someone who is tied to those who collaborate with rightwing groups that work against their own interest.

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