Why Would Leading Democrats FundTea Party & Koch Brothers Groups?

By Robert Miranda, Editor, Wisconsin Spanish Journal

Chris Johnson, Editor/Publisher,KINGFISHmke.com

Milwaukee democrats are bewildered by the revelation that several leading democrats, who own and work at a political consulting firm based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, would give tens of thousands of dollars to support the work of organizations that clearly are tied to Tea Party and Koch Brothers political agendas.

At the center of this fire storm of controversy is theNation Consultingfirm owned byThad Nationwho is listed as the senior partner, andSachin Chheda who is also a partner at the firm. Listed as a senior associate at the firm is Jason Rae, a candidate for the position of Chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

All three are seasoned political advocates who have held key positions and are considered go-to strategists within the Democratic Party network.

But since tax records of a non-profit group called the Coalition for the New Economy surfaced, showing Thad Nation as the principal officer of that group that contributed more than $83,500 to rightwing groups opposed to the Democratic Party, speculationand accusations are buzzing throughout the party.

And while many are trying to make sense of this and asking why this firm’s owners gave money to Tea Party and Koch Brothers groups, not one word from either Thad Nation or Sachin Chheda has been uttered to explain their rationale for funding organizations that without question are determined to destroy the Democratic Party and its political agendas.

Conversely, why would extremist rightwing groups, who have received the tens of thousands of dollars from Thad Nation’s organization, do so knowing that the money came from high-level operatives in the Wisconsin Democratic network?

Did they know they were accepting unrestricted money from leading democrats?
Because Jason Rae is running for the seat of Chairman of the Wisconsin Democratic Party, his link to the firm should draw scrutiny.

There is talk among party members that Jason Rae may have had an inside track and was being positioned to replace Mike Tate, the current chair of the party. In fact, something along this train of thought was written by blogger Cognitive Dissidence when he wrote about Rae’s announcement to run for the seat.

On January 8, 2015, Cognitive Dissidence writes about the Jason Rae announcement. In that blog, Rae’s announcement statement is published and Cognitive Dissidence proceeds to give a critical review of Rae’s statement. What is of particular interest in Cognitive Dissidences observation is that Rae stated he was working on his candidacy weeks before Mike Tate announced he was leaving the party’s chairmanship.

Cognitive Dissidence writes:”…I find it curious that he claims to have been spending weeks talking to grassroots groups and other party leaders when Tate only announced a couple of days ago. Furthermore, I don’t recall Rae ever saying that a change needed to be made. That strikes me as sounding like he knew for weeks that Tate wasn’t going to run and was using that insider information to leverage an advantage. That type of behavior is frowned upon in public office. I would hope it’s frowned upon in the party as well”.Clickhereto read the full article.

Intense scrutiny of this transaction. and the network of Rae, Chheda, Tate and Nation are needed. Did Tate help Rae get a head start and inside track to the chairmanship? Are the folks at Nation Consulting looking to enrich themselves by using the party?

The money given to these rightwing groups was given without any restrictions as to how the money can be used.In essence, these funds could have been used to support conservative initiatives like, but not limited to, Voter I.D. requirements, or efforts to reverse the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare). Because of the nature of these “unrestricted” funds, we simply do not know.

This Attitude thrived in 1930s Germany

In a nut shell, theseWisconsin democratsgave their political counterparts funding to advance rightwing political agendas that are anti-union, anti-middle class and working poor, anti-environment, anti-woman and anti-democratic.

Money is money and maybe these groups who received these tens of thousands of dollars knew who was giving the money to them. If that’s the case, what did Thad Nation and his partner Sachin Chheda receive in return for their investments?

The whole matter stinks to high heaven. What do you think the Wisconsin Republican network would do if they found out those leading GOP strategists had a political consulting firm owned by them that had donated unrestricted funds to leftwing organizations opposed to their political agendas via a non-profit organization created by the firm’s owners?

Working with your political counterparts to move agendas forward is a common political practice. We can all agree that working with Republicans to find solutions to create a better America is an honorable effort, but giving money to organizations that clearly stand in uncompromising opposition to issues important to the Democratic Party, well, that’s just plan out-of-order,or an act of political traitorship.

Some argue that these are good democrats. That there was nothing nefarious. Really!

Well then, Benedict Arnold should be considered a good colonialist and his intentions were just misunderstood.

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