Wisconsin should stop wasting money on its corrections system

WISDOM’s Op Ed is featured in today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. WISDOM President Sandy Milligan and Vice-president Rev. Willie Brisco remind us that “criminal justice reform is both a fiscal and moral imperative”.

“As drastic cuts are proposed for the University of Wisconsin system, and massive borrowing is proposed to close deficits, the budget proposed by Gov. Scott Walker ignores reforms that could save millions of dollars, even as it enhances public safety and equity.”

You can read the details of our proposed reforms - all of which are achievable in 2015 by our elected leaders - in our 11x15 Blueprint for Ending Mass Incarceration in Wisconsin.

Here are 3 things you can do to help end mass incarceration in Wisconsin:

1) Write to Governor Walker to express your concerns. It doesnt have to be long or clever. Just put him on notice that you want him to take responsibility.

2) Use these talking points to write a Letter to the Editor of your local paper.

3) Participate in our Madison Action Day on April 29.

Join us in prayer for for our brothers and sisters behind the bars and their families. Pray for wisdom and courage as we work to correct the system. Pray for all who work in Wisconsins criminal justice system. Pray especially for the decision makers that they assume responsibility and accountability to the people of Wisconsin.

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