Wisconsin Working Families Party is the Democrats Tea Party

By Chris Johnson, http://www.kingfishmke.com/

August 5, 2015

Reprinted with permission.

Last week, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published an article about Milwaukee County Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic stepping down from her position as chairwoman and discussing her new role as director of a new political party called the Wisconsin Working Families Party (WWFP). This newly launched political party is marketed as “a coalition of labor and community organizations,” These are two groups that historically caucus with the Democratic Party. Why is there a need to start another Democratic party? Sup. Dimitrijevic was quoted as saying, “We’re basically trying to take our state back, starting at the local level.” Isn’t that what the Democratic Party is supposed to be doing?

The launch of this new party comes shortly after the Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW) Convention, which was held in Milwaukee at Potawatomi Hotel and Casino in June. At this convention, elections for statewide officers were held and the state Democratic party delegates elected Martha Laningas the new party chair, upsetting establishment favorite Jason Rae of Nation Consulting.

Who would benefit from starting a new party that is Democratic leaning, free of those pesky progressives that just denied them control of the statewide Democratic party, and rid themselves of those troublesome delegates from around the state who have been questioning their loyalties to core democratic values? Maybe a group within the Democratic Party that just lost control of the party at the state level, and is slowly losing control at the Milwaukee County level. Insert Thad Nation and Sachin Chheda of Nation Consulting.

Just before the June WDP it was discovered that the founder of Nation Consulting, Thad Nation, had donated tens of thousands of dollars to various conservative right-wing organizations including Koch brothers sponsored Americans For Prosperity without scrutiny. To read more about that, click here.

Why fight for control of the DPW when you can go and start you own party, like the Tea Party did with the Republicans! Now Thad Nation of Nation Consulting can continue to work with Koch brothers and other conservative right-wing organizations like AFP without scrutiny.

The WWFP is not a new concept by no means. This network of individuals which includes the likes of labor folks like Bruce Colburn, Vice President of Politics & Growth CIO and Phil Neunfeldt, SEIU president along with loyal partners Sheila Cochran, attorney Peter Earle and Martha Love have been operating under a gamut of organizations like “Progressive Milwaukee” and “Sustainable Milwaukee” for decades.

The need for the WWFP is simple: “Corporate democrats” need a home to launch their candidates, and the DPW is not it anymore. Nation Consulting was unable to push their candidates through the statewide Democratic Party election in June. Without loyal elected officials in public offices, Nation Consulting can’t get lucrative contracts, like they did with AT&T, to successfully push through legislation giving the telecommunications companies the ability to raise rates without any oversight from the Public Service Commission (PSC).

They need elected officials in their pockets to compete for corporate dollars at the (expense) of the very people they are supposed to be advocating for.

It is anticipated that the WWFP will begin bringing back former “loser” Democratic candidates to run for political offices at all levels of state government. The big problem for WWFP is that democrats in other parts of the state have figured out what these “corporate Democrats” in Milwaukee are and they are now talking. This is evident by the upset election of Martha Lansing over Nation Consultant’s Jason Rae, who by everyone’s expectation in Milwaukee was supposed to win the chair of the DPW.

The impact to the Democratic voters of Wisconsin will ultimately be confusion, similar to what the Tea Party has done to the Republican voters. If Nation Consulting and the WWFP are successful, Milwaukee’s African Americans will be left with more elected officials that do nothing for them except placate and deliver more empty promises, such as the creation of jobs for this community with the construction of the Bucks stadium. Remember all of those jobs that were created when they built the Miller Park stadium?

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