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More good news out of Madison

By Jeri Bonavia, Dir., WAVE - Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort

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Lawmakers just introduced a bill to keep guns out of the hands of people convicted of a litany of violent misdemeanors, from sexual assault and domestic abuse to criminal gang activity.

Research shows the clearest predictor of future violence is past violence. But all you need is a little Wisconsin common sense to know people with a long history of violence shouldnt be given easy access to lethal firearms.

Yet thats exactly what were doing — and it urgently needs to change.

Tell your lawmakers to cosponsor LRB 2340, to keep guns out of the hands of violent and habitual criminals.

I can tell you, without a doubt, that your message today will make a concrete impact. Just look at the background checks bill currently working its way through the Wisconsin Legislature. It started with seven legislative cosponsors. Today, after WAVE supporters flooded the Capitol with messages, that lifesaving bill has more than 30 cosponsors, representing people from all over the state.

Thats the kind of massive public pressure that gets results. And you can help do it again, right now.

Click here to urge your lawmakers to stop giving violent criminals easy access to guns — cosponsor LRB−2340.

I wish I could tell you a proposal as smart and sensible as this — fixing a loophole as undeniable as it is dangerous — would sail through the legislature. But you and I know better. We know what it takes to pass laws that protect our families. So lets get to it.

Thanks for speaking out,

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