November, 2005

Dear All,

Citizens of Milwaukee the Beautiful
Now make or break major projects
Like Pabst City and the Soldiers Home.

The power of citizens to say ye or nay
to TIF proposals
Counts more than the bankers vote!

So a TIF proposal
Is coming down the track.
For the Soldiers Home!

I propose to the citizens
Of Milwaukee the Beautiful
That we call for the following
TIF financed parts of the
Great Soldiers Home transformation:

  • Growing Power Demonstration City Farm and Training Institute

  • NAACP and NABVETs “Rebirth of Freedom” Memorial

  • Bucketworks Internet Empowerment for Creative Working Classes of Milwaukee

  • Small School Consortia

  • Restoration Guild Development Project

  • High Technology Town Gown Collaboration Centers

  • Institute for Peace and Non-Violent Conflict Resolution

  • Mental Health Treatment Innovatiion, e.g. art, farming, crafts, commerce

  • World Culture Centers and Venues, e.g. Timbuktu


Each of these aspects could start out with a grant
To cover a very small space, say a 10 by 10 work station
Organized to promote collaborations.

How about we see what these groups could do
With a citizen TIF financed grant for a “work station square at the Soldiers Home.”

That’s it!

The rest will evolve through the
Creativity of the people we grant these work station squares at the Soldiers Home to.

For a trial one year.

What say?

Why not?

Clear sailing,


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