Because We Need A Woman Saint For St Pats At Timbuktu

St. Bridget

Larraine, Will, and Jan suggested St. Bridget

Saint Bridget

St Bridget would seem a natural for Timbuktu Pat’s. She’s already, along w/Patrick himself, a “patron saint” of Ireland. She is the patron saint of milk maids, farmers, sailors and travellers. She was known for her uncompromising generosity towards and caring for the poor and the sick. She is said to have woven, from reeds, a special cross as she sat at her father’s deathbed. St Bridget’s Cross today is one of the symbols of Ireland. More later…Will

St. Monica

St. Monica lived between 333–387 AD. She lived in Africa. St. Monica had a difficult husband, mother-in-law, and children. However, through it all, she stayed close to God and eventually helped convert her husband and son to Christianity.
Her parents made her marry a pagan. He was abusive and had a horrible temper. His mother lived with them and was cruel to St. Monica. They had three children: Augustine, Navigius, and Perpetua.

Saint Monica

St. Monica married Patricius, an official in the town of Tagaste, Africa. Patricius had a violent heated temper. He committed adultery. He was a pagan. His mother was like the son and lived with them. St. Monica continued to keep a positive and was kind to fellow wives in town. The women knew that she was suffering but admired her positive attitude.

St. Monica prayed that Patricius would convert to Christianity. He and his mother converted in 370 AD. He died a year later.

Children: They had three children. Two of them joined the religious life. Augustine, however, became like his father. He was violent and an atheist. St. Monica prayed for him constantly.
Knowing how strongly Augustine hated the Church, she told him to leave her house. Afterwards, she had a vision that encouraged her to invite him back. She prayed for Augustine for 17 years. She went wherever he went. A bishop told St. Monica that since she cared about Augustine so much that he likely be saved. She felt great comfort in his words.

Conversion of Augustine:
Augustine went to Rome and Monica followed. He told his mother that he was meeting friends at a dock, but actually went to Rome. When Monica went to Rome, she was saddened to hear he went to Milan. She followed him.

Augustine was influenced by the bishop in Milan, St. Ambrose. St. Ambrose helped Monica to accept things and Monica became a leader for women in Milan.

She still prayed for Augustine, and on Easter, 387, St. Ambrose baptized Augustine and several of his friends.

Final Days:
St. Monica died in the year 387, and she was buried in Ostia. She knew she was dying, and she suffered for nine days. During the sixth century, her body was removed to a hided crypt in the Church of Saint Arues. Not until the thirteenth century, did the people begin to celebrate her feast day on August 27. In 1430, her relics were brought to Rome. Several miracles have occurred due to St. Monica. Augustine also became a Saint.

Saint Monica is the patron saint of married women, abuse victims, alcoholics, alcoholism, difficult marriages, disappointing children, homemakers, housewives, married women, mothers, victims of adultery, victims of unfaithfulness, victims of verbal abuse, widows, and wives.

Prayer to St. Monica:
Exemplary Mother of the great Augustine, you perseveringly pursued your wayward son not with wild threats but with prayerful cries to heaven. Intercede for all mothers in our day so that they may learn to draw their children to God. Teach them how to remain close to their children, even the prodigal sons and daughters who have sadly gone astray. Amen.

Who among us would not be able to relate? ;)


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