Bio Sketch of Robert Miranda — for 2006 appearance

In the early 1990s, Robert Miranda sparked new Latino activism in Milwaukee.In 1994, Miranda became the first Latino student president at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His activism was the catalyst that made UWM create the Latino Studies Program and the Roberto Hernandez Center at the
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. In 1996, Miranda led a state-wide campaign to prevent Wisconsin from becoming an “English Only” state. The City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County passed resolutions opposing “English Only”. Miranda is a national award winning columnist and Editor of the Spanish Journal. In 2004, Miranda was the only Latino from the United States to speak at a major international forum on war, peace and globalization in Istanbul, Turkey. The Latino community honored Robert with three consecutive prestigious honors in 2005: The UMOS Community Service Award; the Mexican Fiesta Cesar E. Chavez Humanitarian Award (United States Senator Russ Feingold was co-recipient of this award) and Hispanic Man of the Year.

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