We Need A Woman Saint For New St. Pats At Timbuktu

Some of my best friends are old white men.
My Mother died before her time hoping I would be as much.

But we need new blood in the agora, the markets, the shrines, and
The sacred communal rituals and celebrations.

Might anyone have a thought as to the most appropriate female icon
To alchemize into the glory and the joy
Of St. Pat’s at Timbuktu?

Or, am I daft in wishing to elaborate upon the images for this day?
I am no longer ashamed on St. Pat’s because of the curse of drink
That has befallen so many of my ancestors.
St. Pat’s at Timbuktu has added something very new, fresh, and healthy!

But one of my friends told me some terrible things about St. Patrick.
And Wole Soyinka blazed theatrical trails mixing deities from East and West,
North and South, into his productions.

So what say anyone to uncovering some magnificent female archetype
To elaborate upon our all city gathering at Timbuktu
On what is conventionally known as St. Patrick’s Day?

Last edited by Tegan Dowling. Based on work by Olde.  Page last modified on January 27, 2007

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