I Love America

by Sura Faraj

supersonic love
spans the distance
spans the oceans
comes to greet us
in the morning.

supersonic love
roars through skies
whistles its song
punctures the air
tells us whats wrong
and drops like rain.

supersonic love
comes in so many flavors:
tomahawk missiles
stealth bombers
apache helicopters
shock and awe.

supersonic love
spreads democracy
in the same wind
that scatters depleted uranium
and ensures birth defects.
your love sets up elections
announces human concern
while creating a humanitarian crisis.

supersonic love
crosses borders
creates checkpoints
builds walls
and bulldozes houses with the inhabitants still in them,
because a free nation
must defend itself
against terrorists.

supersonic love
told me a story
America the Great
and I suckled at the breast of freedom and justice
drinking in tales of life, liberty and the land of opportunity,
but the pursuit of happiness
is a hard-core sport that needs to be won
and is just dressed-up fascism that says
kiss your children goodbye.

So I kiss them good night
and your supersonic love
tucks them in
and kisses them awake
with post traumatic stress disorder
nightmares and night sweats
and out-of-control sobbing.

Your supersonic love
is always with us,
calls in the morning
with a rumbling greeting
that shakes the whole house,
comes in the evening
like rioting constellations
lighting up the sky,
and will be here in the days to come
with yet one more funeral
for the ones I love.

Last edited by sura. Based on work by Sura.  Page last modified on October 10, 2007

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