June 7, 2006
For more information, contact
Sura Faraj: 414.263.1513
Denise Dee: 414.765.9888
E-mail: [email protected]

What do you get when you cross a long time Milwaukee activist, poet and community-builder with a newly arrived ex-San Franciscan poet, playwright and punk rocker? A publication and partnership that dares to shake things up by juxtaposing art and hard-hitting personal and political perspectives.

Sura Faraj, a long time activist and performer has a strong belief in the power of speech and action to change things. She decided to use some of her savings to do this, and created a publication called Nerve House. “Theres power in speaking out, and there are many ways to do that. As an activist, I recognize that distributing thousands of hard copies not only across state lines, but across racial, gender and class lines gives us greater mileage.” Faraj put out a call for participants in February and Denise Dee answered.

Dee has brought enthusiasm to the process and is excited about linking people who might not otherwise get together. “Art is a tool of communication,” says Dee, a former punk rocker who now sells books at Schwarz Book Shop. “It can bridge divides and reach people who might not otherwise read, listen or care about personal or political issues.”

In addition to Dee, others have entered the Nerve House. Chris Wilde, co-founder of QZAP (the Queer Zine Archive Project), activist Melissa Froiland, MPS School Board director Jennifer Morales and Maureen Kane of MMK Design have all helped in this project.

According to Faraj, the result is a publication with writing, poetry and images which take on difficult issues. “We wanted this issue to speak to our vision. For this reason, we chose the themes of Power and Choice.” Faraj says.

That vision is shared by many others who have stepped up to support the efforts of Nerve House by volunteering time and talents and donating both money and art. Faraj and Dee have solicited an impressive array of performers and artists for their upcoming release/performance party and silent auction fundraiser.

The premiere issue will be released on Saturday, June 24.

[see attached flier for release/performance party and silent auction info]

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