There is overwhelming opposition to the plan to swap County Park land with developers. We believe that developers are in violation to the Land And Water Conservation Act (LAWCON) which restricts this particular piece of land and designates it to remain in the hands of the public in perpetuity. Yet the DNR and Milwaukee County refuse to order the developers to stop.

Below are the reasons (and we think you’ll agree) why we want this land swap stopped.

We oppose the land swap along the Milwaukee River!

1. There is overwhelming opposition to this project by neighbors.

2. This swap is an act of bailing out private developers.

3. The land that the County owns is more valuableit’s on the bluff of the river! There needs to be an appraisal by an independent party, with the LAWCON restriction not considered as a factor.

4. The reasoning for having a bicycle trail is faulty and an unnecessary duplication of a bike trail just a 1 min. ride away.

5. The well-loved and used rustic hiking trail would be destroyed.

6. A bicycle trail is dangerous to walkers and children. Walkers have to move over for cyclists, but our walking trail is a great place to take kids. It’s safe with no worries of children being hit.

7. The fragile ecosystem needs our protection, not more damage. The Butler’s Garter Snake and other wildlife and endangered birds use this corridor for their feeding, migrating and nesting grounds. The land swap will result in an extremely high-density development on the bluff. Building on the bluff of the river is environmentally irresponsible.

8. This conversion is in violation of LAWCON requirements.

9. This proposed deal is a political hot potato. DAmato has a track record of catering to developers. The people who show up at public meetings to speak out in favor of this land swap are people who have connections to him or to this development, including those employed by the organization which gets the funding for the bike trail and people employed by the city. The overwhelming majority of neighbors oppose this swap, and hundreds have signed petitions against it.

10. This land swap and the proposed development were marketed to the neighborhood under false pretenses. For the bulk of the “public discussion,” the County-owned park land was presented to neighbors as land that zoned for industrial development.

11. The good news is Readco has already signed an agreement to give an easement for a trail, regardless of the outcome of the proposed land swap.

Urgent attention to this project is critical.
The developers have already begun excavation, the utility companies have begun their work. We need money for an injunction. To contribute $5, $50 or $500, please contact Sura Faraj at 414.263.1513 or peaceiscollectivepower at

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