Teams to Advance Domain Projects: Badge and Eco Tourism Letter

I would very much like to brainstorm with you about a project I’m working on, eye onthe prize of establishing an aquaponics team leader in 5% of the nation’s schools
by 2018.

5 in 5! That is 5% aquaponics empowered school in 5 years.

I would also like to brainstorm a Sweet Water eco-tourism program.

3 for 3,000! That is, a team of 3 start-up enterprisers winning 3,000 paying eco-tourists to Sweet Water projects in 2013.

Godsil Asset Based Sequential Development l.0: 3 to 300, 5 in 5!

Volunteer Program Focus: badge based and teacher training programs

go to SWF web site and read up on these 2 programs if you wish to explore this with me

Seeding Cities for Badge Based and Teacher/Veteran/Faith Community
Education Programs

(we have a long history with the Center for Veterans Iniaitive(CVI), especially their recent TEDX Manhatten winner, Howard Hinterthuer. Google TEDX Manhatten winner, Howard Hinterthuer to hear his inspirin talk. Howard, I call him “Ho,” is one of my best buddies and we have many projects in the works).

Program Goal: recruit a leader in 5% of our region’s

  • schools
  • faith communities,
  • veterans organization

to co-create aquaponics innovation experiment,
perhaps digital at the start, asap an aquaponics miniature and more.

Time Frame: 5 years

3 to 300 for 5 in 5

I am hoping to start out with a core of 3 “partners” eye on the prize of
5% of our “golden triangle” cities, connecting Columbus Chicago and Milwaukee
region, participating in our badge and teacher training program.

These partners would start out as volunteers.
Volunteers recruiting volunteeers in asset based sequential development experiment.
Core 3 become paid as their work attracts funding.


Chris Everson <[email protected]>
Alexander Joseph Hagler <[email protected]>

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